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Clause 1.          Name

The Association shall be called the “Postal Officers’ Association (India)”.

Clause 2.          Aims and Objects/Memorandum

The primary object of the Association will be to protect and preserve the rights and privileges of the Postal Officers. And it will safe guard their interests and look after better service conditions of its members and ensure efficient service to the Nation.

Clause 3.          Membership

All Gazetted Postal Administrative Officers either promoted regularly or on adhoc basis including Gazetted Postmasters in Postal Service Group ‘B’ will be eligible to become members of this Association as well as the officers promoted to Group ‘A’ regularly or on adhoc basis will be members of this Association.

Clause 4.          Headquarters

The Central Headquarters of the Association will be fixed at such a place as may convenient from time to time in functioning of CHQ. Normally, the Central Headquarters of the Association should be in New Delhi. The Headquarters of the Circle Branch Association will normally be at Circle Headquarters.

Clause 5.          Office-Bearers

The Association shall have the following office bearers to be elected by the delegates of the conference which will be held biennially i.e. once in two years giving at least one months’ clear notice. If elections are not held within three months of expiry of its term, the office bearers shall cease to be duly elected representative of the Association and the trade union facilities will stand withdrawn:-

Serial No. Portfolio No. of Posts
1. President  One
2. Vice President Two
3. General Secretary One
4. Deputy General Secretary One
5. Assistant General Secretary Four
6. Organizing Secretary  Four
7. Finance Secretary One
8. Assistant Finance Secretary One

(i)                  One Auditor to be nominated at the time of holding election during all India Conference.

(ii)                The Posts of office bearers are circulated on the eve of election amongst the attending delegates by the President of the Conference. Each post of office bearers is elected, if necessary, by following due democratic election procedure.

Clause 6.          Subscription

Subscription will be Rs. 30.00 Per Month. 50% of the subscription shall be remitted to the Finance Secretary of the Central Headquarters and 50% will be retained by the branches for meeting their expenses. The Branch can raise donation from its members whenever such occasion arises.

Clause 7.          Official Year

The Official Year for this purpose shall be from 1st April of the year to 31st March of the following year.

Clause 8.    Maintenance of Accounts

The Finance Secretary shall maintain accounts while the General Secretary shall maintain other records.

Clause 9.    Nomination of Auditor

The Conference shall also nominate one of the members to audit the accounts.

Clause 10.  Holding of All India Conference

There shall be biennial conference. Every Circle shall be entitled to send one delegate for every 10 members or fraction thereof. However, every Circle shall have at least one delegate irrespective of its strength to represent the Conference. The delegates for the Conference shall be nominated by the Circle Branch.

To form the quorum, at least 50% of the Circles should be represented.

Clause 11.  Holding of CWC Meeting

The Central Working Committee which will consist of the CHQ Office bearers and Circle Secretaries or nominee of Circle Secretaries in case of his/her absence shall meet at least thrice in a year. The Central Working Committee meeting will be held before All India Conference.

Clause 12.  CHQ Bulletin

A bulletin should be issued regularly by the CHQ.

Clause 13.  Amendment to the Constitution

Any amendments to the Constitution can be made only by All India Conference by the 2/3rd majority of the attending delegates.

Clause 14.  Postal Blitz

A journal named “Postal Blitz” will be issued by CHQ. The General Secretary will be ex-office Editor of the journal which will be issued at a frequency of not less than a month depending on its viability on payment of subscription to be decided from time to time.

Clause 15.  Formation of Circle Branch

The Association will have Circle Branch in each circle a the Headquarters of the Circle. It shall have the following office bearers:-

Serial No. Portfolio No. of Posts
1. President  One
2. Vice President Two
3. Circle  Secretary One
4. Deputy Circle Secretary One
5. Assistant Circle Secretary Two
6. Organizing Secretary  Four
7. Finance Secretary One
8. Assistant Finance Secretary One


(i)   Number of office bearers should be limited to 15 depending upon the need of the Circle.

(ii)  One Auditor to be nominated at the time of holding election of the Circle Conference.

Clause 16.   Holding of Circle Conference

The Circle Conference to be convened biennially before 31st August in very alternate year to elect office bearers of the Circle to elect the delegates for the All India Conference to pass the Accounts and approve the budget estimates and pass resolutions for consideration of the Central Headquarters. They will also take regular meetings with Chief PMGs and make necessary correspondence with them pertaining to the matters of the Circle concerned.

Clause 17.  Dissolution of Circle Branch

In the event of non functioning of any Circle Branch i.e. non functioning, non remittance of quota to the CHQ for more than one year, acting in contravention of the Constitution of the Association and working against the interest of the Association, THE GENERAL SECRETARY WILL HAVE THE RIGHT TO DISSOLVE THE CIRCLE BRANCH and nominate convener and members who will act as acting Circle Secretary and Members of the executive body and ensure election of Circle Branch Association at the earliest but before three months.

Clause 18.  Filling up vacant Post

In case of any vacancy arises due to death, resignation, expulsion or inability to continue for illness or for any other reason, it will be filled up by the Central Working Committee at CHQ (All India Association) and by the Circle Working Committee in case of Circle Association.

NOTE:-   They can meet the officers and Ministers whenever they get such opportunity and sponsor the cause of this Association.

(Amended and approved by the General body of the All India Conference held at Kanyakumari (TN) from 16.03.2004 to 19.03.2004 and the amendments approved by the Postal Directorate vide number 17-6/2004-SR dated 08th July, 2004. Clause 6 amending monthly subscription was approved by the General body of All India Conference held at Kochi from 09.05.2006 to 12.05.2006 and the amendment approved by the Postal Directorate under No. 15-2/2006-SR 
dated 20 Jul 06)

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