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Over the period, our job profile has significantly changed. Besides Operational Management, Human Resource & Personnel Management, Financial Management, Material Management, Investigation & Vigilance, the role now extends to Business Development, Technological Up gradation of the operative systems, marketing postal products and also other non postal products sold out through the Postal Outlets, Life Insurance Schemes & various financial services offered by the Department of Posts. We are required to achieve the given annual revenue targets besides closely associating with the planning and successful implementation of the new products, new services and products launched by the department.

Nature of duties and responsibilities:

The duties and the positions in the Management held by us are of quite unique & arduous in nature with multifarious areas of jurisdiction, accountability & responsibility as compared to the similar cadres in the other Ministries/Departments of the Central Government. Broadly our role and responsibility are classified as under:-

(a)        Postal Operations:

Management of all operational activities in the Postal and RMS Divisions, Head Post Offices and Mail Offices- To appreciate the jurisdiction, it is necessary to mention that a Postal Division comprises of jurisdiction, it is necessary to mention that a Postal Division comprises of 3 to 4 Sub Divisions under the charge of Assistant Superintendent (Gazetted Group B) in revised Pay Scale of  7450-11500 in Pay Band 2 with Grade Pay 4600, 2 to 3 Head Post Offices under the charge of Higher Selection Grade Official in revised Pay Scale of  7450-11500 in Pay Band 2 with Grade Pay 4600, 350 Sub and Branch Post Offices located in semi-urban, rural, hilly areas covering one or two Revenue Districts. The total manpower in a Division, on an average is 970 personnel which include Group C, D and Gramin Dak Sewaks. Similarly, a RMS Division is an administrative unit responsible for managing the movement of mails through Railways/Airlines/State Road Transport and to monitor the operational activities undertaken for transshipment of mails.

(b)        Mail Operations & Transportation:

Management of Mail Collection, sorting, transportation & delivery, managing liaison with the Railways/Airlines/State Transport Authorities to ensure proper, smooth and un-interrupted transmission of mails

(c)        Human Resource & Personnel Management and Staff Relations:

Recruitment, Training, Appointment, Promotion, Transfers & Postings and Retirement of the Group C & D officials, Welfare & Motivation of the staff, Coordination with the staff unions to maintain operational efficiencies and higher productivity, Maintaining Discipline & Proficiency in Administration

(d)        Financial Management:

Management of Revenue potential & fiscal discipline and initiatives for exploring new business areas for increasing financial resources, Preparation of budget and control over expenditure, Financial sanctions, Funding of Post Offices/Mail Offices, Security measures of cash and valuables

(e)        Technological up gradation of the working systems:

Computerization and networking of operative units and Modernization of operative/working systems to provide faster, more reliable and more responsive services to the customer in better working environment

(f)         Marketing and Managing Financial Services:

Marketing & Management of financial services which includes Savings Bank/Cash Certificates, Other Savings investment schemes, Money Transfer and Settlement of public claims arising out of the financial services offered.

(g)        Marketing and Managing Premium Products:

Marketing & Management of postal business and its premium products to meet the emerging needs of the specific segments of the society, other non-postal products launched through postal outlets and also after sales services

(h)        Marketing and Managing Postal Life Insurance Schemes:

Marketing and Management of Postal Life Insurance business in urban as well as in rural areas and settlement of insurance claims

(i)         Performance analysis through inspections:

Periodical inspections of the operative & administrative units to ensure proper implementation of the policies & projects of the department and qualitative improvement in services

(j)         Investigations and Vigilance:

Investigations of loss & fraud cases and exercising disciplinary powers, Maintaining vigil over conduct & performance of staff, Coordination and Liaison with the State Police and other Investigation Agencies/Security Agencies, Transparency in Administration

(k)        Material Management:

Management of the Lands & Buildings, Equipments, Other Assets, Logistic support, Procurement and supply of forms & stores and office equipments required for operational activities, Procurement of Postage Stamps & Postal Stationery, Savings Certificates and Indian Postal Orders from India Security Press and supply thereof to Post Offices

(l)         Maintenance of liaison with District/Division level officers of Central Government/State Governments:

Liaison for ensuring efficient postal services in the public and smooth management of mail transportation and other operational activities requiring consultation with and approval/sanction of the authorities of the State Governments.
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